Terminalia Catappa

Keeping the leaves in an aquarium may lower the pH and heavy-metal content of the water.
It has been used in this way by fish breeders for many years, and is active against some parasites and bacterial pathogens. It is also
believed to help prevent fungus forming on the eggs of the fish.

Dried Guava Leaves

Dried Guava leaves are aquarium
friendly. Guava leaves are a great
Guava Leaves – food source for shrimp and fish in the aquarium and many species love eating the biofilm the leaves create. These leaves contain polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids and
tannins. Carotenoids have been
suggested in scientific studies to aid spawning health of both the parent and the offspring.

Dried Dadap Leaves

Dadap Leaves (Indian coral tree
leaves) are a natural leaf food
for shrimp, crabs and omnivorous fish. Also suitable as a nutritional supplement for adult catfish and omnivorous fish, as well as snails. Particularly nutritious due to the high, natural protein content with
essential vitamin and, minerals.
High, natural calcium content for
a strong shell and problem-free
molting of shrimp and crayfish.
This leaf has valuable plant
enzymes and digestive fibre.

Dried Bamboo Leaves

Dried Bamboo Leaves
In addition to aiding with digestion, bamboo leaves is used to reduce inflammation and support bodily temperature. Vitamins for healthy hair are also in bamboo. These vitamins include vitamin C, vitamin B and
vitamin E.

Dired Jak Leaves

Dired Jak Leaves Dried Jak Fruit leaves are a water conditioner for aquariums. It prevents fungus forming on fish eggs. Help to
adjust the PH of the water.

Dried Moringa Leaves

Moringa Is Very Nutritious. Rich in
Antioxidants / Lower Blood Sugar
Levels / educe Inflammation / Lower Cholesterol / Protect Against Arsenic Toxicity / 25% plant protein including all 9 essential amino acids / 24% fibre /· A rich source of iron, vitamin K & E / A source of vitamin A & calcium

Dried Mango Leaves

Dried Mango Leaves
Rich in plant compounds / have antiinflammatory properties / protect against fat gain / help combat diabetes / have anticancer properties / treat stomach ulcers.

Dried Neem Leaves

This leaf Removes Toxins / Neem is rich in calcium and thus good for bones / Loaded with Anti-oxidants / Rich in Iron / Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal / Good for skin health.

Dried Banana Leaves

Banana leaves have long been used in the shrimp hobby to encourage breeding and establish suitable water conditions for the shrimps. The leaves are extracted direct from
the banana trees and air dried to protect their freshness so that when placed in your aquarium they achieve good results.

Dried Soursop Leaves

Antioxidants / Helps Kill Cancer
Cells /Helps Fight Bacteria /
Boosts Immunity / Improves
Gastrointestinal Health / May
Help Stabilize Blood Sugar
Levels / Anaglesic Properties

Dried Papaya Leaves

Dried Papaya Leaves may treat symptoms related to dengue fever, promote balanced blood sugar, support digestive function, have anti-inflammatory effects, support hair growth, promote healthy skin, have anticancer

Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers

Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers
The earthy flavour of butterfly-pea
flower tea is said to be a mood
enhancer. The tea is said to have stressbusting effects that may also help reduce symptoms of anxiety. It is also known to refresh the brain, bolster energy levels and stamina, influence positive emotions and thereby increase
productivity at work.