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About Us.

Giving their best effort to send the best quality Eco friendly product from “Motherland to Outland”

Our Resto.

We are established in 2010.

Motherland to Outland

We are a Licensed Export
Company of Sri Lanka. It was established in 2010.
Our company exports high quality biodegradable
natural products from Sri Lanka under the theme
of Motherland to Outland.

Nature always fulfills the peoples’ needs with the
best. It is our belief that it is our duty as people to
return the best to the nature as a token of
gratitude. We are constantly
striving to supply best and high quality natural
products for pet shop, home garden and healthy
living to the international market.

A Few Words About Us

Providing Quality eco product since 2010

Healthy children are not born from a sick mother.
That is why me & my team decided to focus on global immunization for our future generations.
Born in a country like Sri Lanka, which is very self-sufficient in nature, we are lucky to introduce many
products made from the highest quality Biodegradable raw materials.
If you too want to be a daughter or a son without debt to Mother Earth, my only wish is that you
develop a high mindset to inspire such concepts!!!

Our Vision

It is our belief that, as we are always given the
best by nature we should return to nature with
virtues. It is the responsibility of every human
being to save mother earth as she was saving us
and create a better world to the next generation.
Our goal is to eliminate plastics from the earth
by supplying natural products to the
international market for pets, home gardening,
landscaping and healthy living.

Our Mission

How long does it take to get a dose of nature
high enough to make people say they feel
healthy and have a strong sense of well-being?
that time in nature as long as people feel safe
is an antidote for stress.