Coir Pots

Coir latex pots are moulded into
different shapes and sizes as per
customer requirements.
Coir fiber is molded into desired
shape with or without natural latex. Provides better aeration for
growing roots. Roots penetrate
through the wall and ensuring
higher growth. Transplanting is
with shock free and no roots
damage. Decomposed coco pot
enriches the growing media.

Coco Liners

Coco liners ,are designed to hold soil and plants inside wire containers. They are made out of coconut fiber which is
making them absorbent, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and healthy choice for the garden.

 Coir Tray

Coir tray is a bio-degradable cultivation
tray made of coir fiber.

Weed Mats

Weed mats are the most natural and environmental friendly solution for weed suppressing weeds at the growth stage of young plants